She Is My Life.

Michelle by Chickamauga Lake

This is Michelle. Many of you have met her before, and several of you read her words over at I have written about her in a few posts here and there, generally as a casual mention to something she said or an idea she had. But there is nothing casual about the love I have for her.

In Pull Me Out Of The Air Crash, I wrote about my moment of silence outside of her hospital room when Liam was about to enter the world. It still stands as one of my most personal entries in this blog. I thought I was going to lose her, and that the world would lose her as well. I pleaded with God for her to survive, then I put on my strongest face and went back to her side. Thankfully, she did survive, as did our beautiful baby boy. I cannot imagine how different my life would be had there been any other result.

As for us:

We met both purposely and accidentally. We were not looking for each other, but we certainly found each other. Even among our friends, little is known about how we came together. And you know what? I like that. I’ve never been a huge fan of origin stories anyway. I prefer things that just “are.”

And we are.

We have had our troubles. We have been set upon by desperate times and relentless beasts — many of our own making. Our love has been sacrificed and renewed more times than any love should ever experience, yet it remains strong. In my heart, my love for her is just as powerful today as it was the day it was forged.

She is unlike any other person I have ever met. Her kindness and selflessness make her stand out from the rest of humanity, showing the rest of us the kind of person we should all aspire to be. She consistently puts the needs of others (including me) ahead of her own. She constantly sacrifices her desires for what she feels is the greater good. In her own way, she is a superhero — only without the cape and tights. (Though, were she ever feeling adventurous….)

When we met, I was broken. She saw the pieces, gathered them up and put me back together as only she could. She breathed new life into the shell I had become. I would be a completely different person if she had never entered my life — someone darker, someone without a purpose … someone who wasn’t anyone.

She is hungry for life. As shy as she can be, she wants every experience she can possibly have while she is on this earth. She wants to visit every corner of our planet and personally breathe in the air of a hundred different countries. She doesn’t want to know the world only by rough description; she wants to feel it. And, just by being around her, she awakens the part of me that wants the exact same thing. Furthermore, she makes me want to do everything I can to make it possible for her … not that she would need my help.

She is, and has always been, my lighthouse — a light ever shining to show me the way home. Soon the world will see that image and think of her. I can already picture it in my mind, and it is absolutely beautiful, just like her.

And, like any true partner, Michelle makes me want to be a better man. Not just for her, mind you, but for the rest of the world as well … and for myself. She has shown me everything I wish to be, and she is willing to help me attain just that. That’s why I love her. She accepts and loves me for who I am, all while helping me to become the better person I know I can be.

If Liam is my World, then Michelle is my Life. Without either one, I would have nothing. Without both, I would cease to be entirely.


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Ryan L. Haddock is an aspiring writer, emphasis on the "aspiring." He mostly writes short stories, but that is only because he doesn't seem to have the attention span necessary to write a novel. At least, not yet. He is also a husband and a father . . . yet he is still struggling valiantly against the notion that he has to grow up. View all posts by [rlh]

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