Day 3, Part 1: Souk

NOTE: This is the second entry in my “From Main To Morocco” blog series, chronicling my ten-day trip to various cities in the country of Morocco. Click here to read more entries in this series.

Souk is an Arabic term for an open-air market. There, various goods — including food, clothing, fabrics and various sundries — are on display in small, cramped spaces that an American like me would never think big enough to be a proper shop. Vendors call out to passersby, saying anything and everything (even insults) to get their attention. In a souq, there generally isn’t a fixed price. Almost everything is negotiable, though you might have a hard time of it if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Which I don’t.

Which is why, thankfully, we have someone here with us who does.

I have seen places like the souks of Marrakech in movies and TV shows (notably Firefly), but it was hard to believe that markets like it actually exist. I mean, I knew that they did … but it was still hard to actually believe it. And now, I have seen it with my own eyes. It exists, and, if nothing else, it is certainly an experience.

Souks de Marrakech

Inside the Souks of Marrakech.

We walked down the pedestrian alleys, various shops lining the walls of the street. You could find almost anything there, though whether or not you actually wanted it would certainly have been up for debate.

There was pottery. There were various rugs and ornate clothing. There was food (there always seems to be food), including fruits, vegetables, candies and pastries. There were toys, games, decorations and more. Imagine a mall with no boundaries, motorcycles and scooters flying down the aisles, and much, much more persistent salesmen.

Again, we had Erik to thank for warding off the more determined shop-owners (and for properly shaming a snake handler who came way too close to Judy).

Yes, I said snake handler. They have those here. No, I didn’t get a picture with one. Not for me, thanks. I wouldn’t have minded one with the monkey, though.

So now I’m back in the room, waiting to go to dinner with Judy and Erik. We had lunch at a great place, but I’ll talk more about that in Part 2.


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