A while ago, I started a web serial called One Less Hero, a series of stories that would chronicle the adventures of a supervillain team that did the unthinkable and managed to kill their heroic nemesis. I finished the first chapter, published it online—then seemingly forgot all about it.

Silly me.

To clarify, I never forgot about it. I just got caught up with other things, as tends to happen.

Recently, I decided to relaunch One Less Hero and do it properly this time. I have set up a Facebook page and a Twitter account for the series, and I have also posted a revised and rewritten version of the first chapter online, which can be found here.

So, regular readers, please stop by those pages and leave some feedback. Also, if you would, give Chapter 1 a read and let me know what you think. Here’s the link again, in case you managed to miss it in the last paragraph:


About [rlh]

Ryan L. Haddock is an aspiring writer, emphasis on the "aspiring." He mostly writes short stories, but that is only because he doesn't seem to have the attention span necessary to write a novel. At least, not yet. He is also a husband and a father . . . yet he is still struggling valiantly against the notion that he has to grow up. View all posts by [rlh]

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